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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  July 6, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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r's top so far as to. greece's finance minister has stepped down even though voters backed his no campaign rejecting further us a territory. japan has lost its championship title after being outplayed by the u.s. a the u.s.
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women's soccer world cup. and a unesco panel granted world her stanl status to a group of industrial sites in japan. the greek finance minister says he is stepping down. this came hours of they rejected further us a territory. he says his departure could help them reach an agreement with european creditors. varoufakis announced his resignation on his title progress. entitled minister no more! in it he wrote soon after the announcements of the referendum result i was made aware of a certain percentage of some euro
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group participants. democracy has won. the nation has given my government the strength to negotiate sustainable support measures with the eu. >> the final referendum was a 61% no against the nearly 39% who voted yes. >> this is the poll for tomorrow. >> we should somehow find a common feed of understanding. okay. we should know our strengths up one side and the other. because greece is a great place in the world. >> tsip pras is expected to call for more aid. european leaders were more varied if their response with athens at the referendum. german chancellor angela merkel
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and french president hol lande will discuss the situation on monday. a summit meeting has been called for tuesday. the european commission said in a statement that it respects the referendum results, but euro group chief says measures and reforms are needed for recovery of the greek economy. officials of the japanese central bank are bracing for the market turmoil. >> james a lot of focus on this topic. officials say they will keep a close eye on the situation and take measures as needed. finance minister notes that japan's direct economic and financial ties with greece are limited. he expects euro zone countries to urge the greek government to take responsible measures. the doj governor said his officials will stay in close contact with domestic and
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foreign authorities to monitor the situation. now the greek referendum is weighing on global markets. most markets in asia pacific region have finished lower. many investors places sell orders on concerns about greece. in tokyo, the nikkei average ended down at 20,112. the index briefly lost 500.they say analysts sold a wide range of shares to avoid risks. broker annual shares underperform the broader market. the shanghai closed up at 3,775. it had surged more than 7% at the open after authorities stemmed the large losing streak. they have worries about sluggish growth and margin trading restrictions.
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in other markets, hong dong's hang seng index was down over 3%. australia 200 fell more than 1%. for more insights into the greek debt prices they say greece should not have joined the euro zone because the economy is not a good fit. >> i don't like to say i told you so but i told you so is very much my reaction. this is who you get if a nation joins a single currency area the fit does not fit sxhik circumstances. >> greece is the first developed nation to be declared in arrears by the imf. >> i think the critical thing here is whether or not the eu side manages to make this look as it is as expensive a greek problem as opposed to a more
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general euro problem. if they fail in doing that it is going to create turmoil in the market. whether or not a calmly managed greek exit from the euros happened or not i think is very much the issue at this moment in time. >> she says exit from the euro zone is a better choice for greece rather than fighting to stay inside. >> i think it's very much a question of when. i think the euro area side or the eu side have made up their minds, but at this point in time it is a situation with greek better out than in. previously, they saw the zigs situation as being an out in terms of the euro. but as things have come to this situation, i think that have now made up their minds and calmly out than in. >> she warns japan needs to learn from the dpreek debt
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crisis. essentially in japan i think needs to learn a lot from the situation. japan's government debt situation is far worse than that of the greeks and the problem is the japanese situation is japan has been doing all its work to hide the problem from the public by letting up as they come on to the mark. and this is i think going to create a lot of problems over the coming weeks and months. so yes, the japanese public sector i think really needs to watch the situation and very honestly learn, very humbly learn, if you like from the greek tragedy. >> she still believes greece can overcome its difficulties. >> well lo and behold outside of the euro they may actually have a life of their own. there is life after the euro for them shall we say? behaving in a more natural way with their economic circumstances might make it easy for them.
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>> and here's a look at some of the other business stories we are following. officials at the bank of japan say economic recovery has continued to spread to all nine regions across the country a. report on monday upgraded the bank's assessment. it sided an increase in the production of goods, including car parts for exports. honda motors new president says the auto maker will focus on developing quality products and fixing the company's recall problem. >> we aim to develop products that will give dreams to our customers instead of just going after salesmen. >> executive pay in japan is rising a. record 411 executives had annual pay packages topping 100 million yen in the last business year. that's $820,000. a research agency says the
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figure is the highest since 2010 when the government paid it mandatory for companies to disclose executive earnings. now, every monday we invite an economist to discuss the week ahead. in this expert view we focus on the u.s. federal reserve policy minutes on wednesday. at its board meeting in june, the fed raised it's assessment of the economy. the chief researcher says the minutes will likely show growing confidence in the economy. >> the most important message for the june meeting will be twofold. one is of the most members of the -- seems to be competent of the underlying strengths. and in addition the second part i think the overwelling majority have since committed
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that there will be a hike rate sometime in the next year. on my part i think that the market seems to be seems like to be identified that the members of the policy board are still showing a strong confidence about the underlying strengths. the market would like to confirm the southward of the case with the economic indicators recently. >> the eu expects an interest rate hike later this year. >> in my view i think that the rate hike in september should not be denied at all. especially at this moment. but still the probability of the first rate hike in september will be diminishing because there is a diminishing situation
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of time for the fed to have stronger confidence about the strengths of the underlying economy. in addition to first rate the markets or the general public that the rate hike in september will be necessary. this is why i think that the gyration of the expectation of the timing of the first rate hike is quite different from september to december. >> and that's all for business news at this hour. i will give you a check on the markets. markets. >>
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>>. >> the chinese government has unveiled plans to screen films and television programs this year to mark the 70th of world war ii. officials from the ministry met to detail the plans on monday. the films will include dramatizations and animated films and will focus on the expulsion of the japanese from china. they are to appear on television between july and september. pleas for young audiences as well as art exhibitions are also scheduled. china also plans to hold commemorative events in territories. the aim is to create awareness against fascism and the founding of the united nations. the chinese president announced a military parade will be held against japan in 1945.
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yes, japan has lost its women title. the u.s. women clinched the third championship defense a rematch of the final four years ago. fans gathered to cheer on their team even though kickoff was 8:00 a.m. on a work day monday. >> reporter: the crowd was loud at the final women's world cup. the americans scored early and scored often. japan was snned from the opening kickoff. she doubled the lead shortly after, again, on set two. and in the 16th minute lloyd clinched a hat trick from the
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halfway line. japan goes on board in the 27th minute, they scored the team's first goal well it's halftime now and the score is 4-1 american. lloyd skoordz hat trick and holliday. japan ultimately scored later in the first half, now i would expect the coaches to talk to their players. it will be interesting to see how the second half shapes up. in the second half mid-fielder had another chance for the free kick and japan was awarded a
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lone goal in the 52nd minute bringing the score 4-2. but moments later, it was the americans turn again as the mid-fielder kicked in the final goal to match on another set play the u.s. won the championship with a score of 5-2. >> i am so unbelievable proud of every person on this team. we just made history. we're a part of it.
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>> american fans are excited about their country's third women's world cup win. >> we knew it was coming. >> i few we came out strong. >> the first couple minutes. it was victorious. >> i'm just extremely happy for the team. i think they're really an under rated team especially women's soccer. i'm so proud of all 23 of them. >> fans in japan have to get up early to watch the match. some are commuting to work or waiting for their flight. newspapers printed extra editions and people in the streets had high praise for japan's effort. >> i feel bad that they lost
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but they did their best. >> i look forward to their next match. i continue to support the japanese team. >> japan has made a fantastic match. they really kept us by going up to the very end. i think that left a lot of japanese fans in charge of future tournaments. >> kudos to all the members of both teams and conco for that report. unesco has decided to add world heritage sites. officials in charge of japan's bid, a successful outcome is bittersweet. >> i think this will draw attention around the world. i want to make the most of this to tell people about our local
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history history. >> members of the unesco say they bombed germany. the 23 japanese blasted the era over the late 19th and early 20th centuries. they are spread out over eight perfecttures. japanese government officials say the despite the record in western country, members of japan's team face obstacles in the push to get it lifted. unesco members said they would be added in may. first korean lawmakers were opposed. they said japanese authorities sent koreans to work. japanese officials explained it dates back to the 1850s. they came before japan exited the korean peninsula. last month, korean minsters agreed work together.
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their aim was to work for both countries, but the two side had a hard time seeing eye to eye on what they said to the committee. they decided korea works. the impact forced committee members to perform a discussion on japan's bid by a day. in the end, the south korean delegate quoted the statement that said koreans were brought against their will. they did not use obsessions. >> i am so glad that unesco decided to register the origins of japanese manufacturing on its world heritage site. >> the unesco listing, several officials in japan are expressing the lengthy brussels. they say the negotiation with the south krein delegates brought simmering tensions to the two parts to the surface.
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>> thank you for that update. some japanese infants are getting a more nutritious start in life. nearly one if ten in countries born under 2.5 kilograms. some can't get the nourishment they need so mothers are helping them with milk from donors. nhk has more. >> last november japan's first mother's milk barng opened up in tokyo. it was set up for babies with low birth weight. the nursing is done which unwed mothers. his mother was unable to press milk immediately. so the infant took formula. but he couldn't digest it.
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the doctor who diamondback nosed his condition recognized he needed mother's milk. after two weeks in getting milk from the bank the baby gained 400 grams and was able to leave the hospital. >> i hope he'll drink a lot and grow well. the milk bank has been a big help. >> breast milk contains plenty of whole milk and immu no logic substances. it protects the baby in particular, doctors say breast fill i milk prevents a bone condition that can affect babies born prematurely. in europe and the united nations, the first milk banks opened about 100 years ago. in america, they are currently 15 milk banks that people donated milk to hospitals or
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homes. donor interviews about the american history on lifestyle and they undergo block tests. the milk must be inspected to make sure it contain nos dangerous substances before being frozen. the adds to the cost of the donor milk. the mother relies on the milk band. it costs her more than $15 for each feed. in one month, she pays up to $3,000. >> it's very expensive. i love the milk bank in the united states. i love that it exists. i just wish it were more common. i wish it were more affordable. >> at the moment the milk bank can provide its status for free
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because it's funded by the government and private sector. however, it is linked to only one hospital. >> the next step is to create a system where mothers can turn to safe donor milk. >> in japan, the idea of breast milk banks is very unique. before it can grow and reach other parts of the country, the decision needs to be made on how the system can be funded. >> thank you for that report. we are hing a damp monday in moke i don't think with temperatures hovering around the 20 degree celsius mark. jonathan oh is here to tell us about parts of the world which
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are far from cool. >> hello we have been talking about temperatures in the 40s in many areas in europe. we have this dome of high temperature which needs to block any mechanism that rolls in through the kntd. because of that hot weather continues, people are creative until coulding down. take a look at this video, maybe this is something you want to do some time. wow, a massive water fight. to make sure people get cooled down with all sorts of different tools. people in central and eastern europe are dealing with a heat wave that's taken most of the continent in past week. also in germany, people going to the beach, lakes, or local baths to cool off and anywhere that they can find relief from the sun. you can see here this monitor reaching that 40 degrees mark. in some areas of the country, breaking record temperatures going past that mark. but keep this in mind when you have a lot of heat and a
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mechanism for cooling the upper levels of the atmosphere. that when it becomes unstable. we are looking at the possibility of thunderstorms as we go throughout the day monday. as you look at the forecast that warm and hot air moving in from the south, cold air from the north, moving in so we have the ability to look at thunderstorms as we go throughout the day on monday. some of the storms maybe strong as we go through the afternoon hours. please keep that in mind. the cool down not going to be happening very quickly throughout the day monday looking at temperatures still moving way past the average high temperature for this time of year for these various locations. budapest you are lookings a temperatures in the mid- to upper-30s. now, take a look at the forecast. we are on you know watching the trop tropical systems. let's go to china. this is a big system a large
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severe tropical storm. wind gusts to 144. as it progresses during time closer to the southeastern portions of china. now look at this one. also moving to the north at 10 kilometers per hour. weaker with wind speeds gusting up to 108. notice where it's setting its sights on by the end of this week. southeastern coin. flooding is a major problem in the region. now we have a couple affecting it as we go through this week into the weekend. we have a new tropical storm that is moving towards the west northwest at 30 kilometers per hour t. winds are gusting to 144 this system is moving to the north and west. right now looking like it's moving towards japan. that's a little further out. we have to wait until next week before we have an idea where it's headed.
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it is a slow mover. look at china. this we will be keeping a close eye on. wet weather expected in the rainy season. a quick look at north america. we have strong weather in northern portions of the continent. hot weather taking place in california. we are looking at temperatures in the 30s for places like seattle through monday.úqúqúqúqúqúc
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to greece's no vote. germany says there are no grounds for a debt restructuring. greece's yanis varoufakis has resigned as finance minister saying he has been made aware of his presence could be hampering negotiations with the eurozone. pope francis has arrived in ecuador for the first leg of his south american trip. over one million people are expected to attend a mass given by the pontiff.


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